What Leaders Are Saying About Hantz Farms

Senator Bert Johnson - Michigan's 2nd District

"Just go check it out for yourself it's pretty convincing, you are hard pressed to make a bad argument for this when you go park your car on one of these streets and just get out and turn 360 and take a look."

Andre Spivey - Detroit City Council

"And maybe this project can be the catalyst that we can see what can be done working together in a public private partnership those who were here, those who are coming here and see how we can be a model for the entire world."

Charlie Beckham - Detroit Mayor's Office

"The mayor was kind of taking his lead from what the community was saying and of course they had some fears too. None of those have turned out to be really true. This has turned out to be a really great project and the mayor has swung around."

Coach Washington - Southeastern High School

"Ours is big, I come from the community, I've been living in the community ever since 1958. I've seen the apex and I've seen the fall and this is like a resurgence to me."