What We Have Done

We're Plowin On

Removing Blight

Hantz Woodlands has worked with neighbors and sponsors to clear brush, weeds, and debris from more than 2,000 parcels within one square mile. Now, the parcels are mowed every 2 to 3 weeks in season. Neighbors will confirm that Hantz Woodlands is cleaner and safer. As a result, neighbors have increased investments in new roofs, porches, and housing repairs. The value of neighborhood homes is increasing.


Demolishing Abandoned Structures

Abandoned structures attract illegal dumping, and are a source of danger within Detroit neighborhoods. Hantz Woodlands has invested more than $1 million to remove 77 dangerous structures from the landscape. We have also begun working with construction companies to rehabilitate 79 houses within the woodlands. In addition, we have renovated a four-unit apartment building, and we reclaimed a vacant commercial structure which now serves as the Hantz Woodlands office.


Planting Trees

Lots that were once defined by nuisance trees like mulberry and box elder have been improved with managed plantings of oak, maple, birch, and poplar. Volunteers have partnered with Hantz Woodlands to plant 36,000 trees in evenly spaced rows. These trees add beauty and value to surrounding neighborhoods.

Tree Planting
Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship Training

Moving beyond neighborhood beautification, Hantz Woodlands worked in partnership with neighborhood schools and sponsors to help students explore entrepreneurship. Our aim was to help neighborhood residents discover the process of building wealth through resource management.

Vocational Training

Hantz Woodlands and Hantz Foundation worked with sponsors to create hands-on learning experience in professional trades.

Vocational Training
Educational Services

Educational Services

Hantz Woodlands is available to participate in education and consulting work that assists leaders in expanding and improving urban agriculture as a new commercial sector within urban economies.