What Sponsors Are Saying About Hantz Farms

We're Plowin On

Peter Lemmer - EVP - Greenstone

"Ideas are easy, people sit around a table and come up with a lot of ideas but it's the execution of it."

Peter Lemmer

Greg Moody - Credit Union One

"We do a lot of walks and other things and we know its all for good causes, but to see that tangible difference and see it in an area of Detroit that was so down is really gratifying."

Greg Moody

Linda Hubbard - President/COO - Carhartt

"Being part of this project is really important to Carhartt because we were bron in Detroit 126 years ago and we really believe that the commitment of Hantz Woodlands and what they're doing to replace blight with beauty."

Linda Hubbard

David Armstrong - CEO - Greenstone

"I think this whole innitiative continues to gather momentum as other neighborhood groups see the success and are now going to city hall and saying hey, how can we get this?"

David Armstrong